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Sunday, 20 July 2014

MUA Single Eyeshadow: Worth The Hype?

When MUA first came out these single eye shadows where the big ticket item, everyone was getting them for reviews which made them very hard to get your hands on because everyone wanted to get some, and even to this day I have never seen a fully stocked selection of MUA single eye shadows. I always see a couple of random colors in stock with on 2 or 3 of each of these colors available. So even today these are hyped about products that everyone wants to get their hands on, but are they really worth all the hype?
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 8, 12, 16, 22, 24
I believe there are 30 shades in total ranging from nude highlight shades, to dark outer corners colors and bright fun blues and greens. Because of this vast range of shades I wanted to pick up a good color selection so I could really get a feel for the quality.
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 8, 12, 16, 22, 24
Two finishes are available for these shadows - matte and pearl so there is something for everyone, but I do think there is more color selection for the pearl shades. As you can see from the individual review for a £1 eye shadow the pigmentation is very hit or miss howeve it transfers well from the brush to your eye. Some shades are a little on the chalky side but they all feel really soft, and because of this they have a little bit of fall out. Surprisingly their pretty long lasting, however I haven't tried to wear these without a primer so that probably has an effect.
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 8, 12, 16, 22, 24
Shade 8 - Pearl
This is a bright blue with an almost metallic finish. Really blendable and still maintains is vibrancy. Having never used this on the lid I cant say if it has fall out or not but just because of the softness and brightness I would warn you to watch out for fall out.
I wear this along the lower lash line for a pop of blue, perfect if you want to add some bright color to your make up look but in a subtle way.

Shade 12 - Pearl
Said to be a dupe for MAC's club this shadow is a rich brown that bends out to have a green tone to it. Another really blendable shade and don't let the darkness of it put you off, it really is very easy to work with. Keep in mind there is a lot of fall out in comparison to the other shades and you do have to be really light handed when you brush it away or it just makes a bigger mess.
I find this a really good shade to use for the crease and outer corner for a smoky effect but it would look really nice on the lid and blended into the crease for a quick look.

Shade 16 - Matte
Ughh. In the pan this looks like a really nice highlight shade but in reality it does nothing for me. I have tried to use this as a highlight but it just doesn't work, its really pigmented that not the issue it just doesn't add the brightness under my eye brows that I was looking for, and I think its too light to be used a lid shade. There is no fall out which is a plus and although its a touch chalky it is really soft. You cant blend this one too much because it does blend out to nothing.
Although it didn't work as a highlight on me I think on a darker skin tone it would be a pretty highlight.

Shade 22 - Pearl
Another of the lighter shades but this time it is baby pink. Really soft, no fall out, amazing pigmentation this is just a shade everyone needs in their collection.
As well as being a pretty lid shade I like to use this to help blend out the crease when Im not feeling using a soft brown.

Shade 24 - Pearl
A very universal shade that works on a range of skin tones. This slight gray toned purple is really soft without a chalky effect, very little fall out and can be blended easierly without being blended away.
This is really nice on your lid for a quick look but I also like to wear this in the crease if Im not going for something to bold.

Packaging wise I'm not a fan, although its fairly durable - especially for the price - but aesthetically their not pretty, particularly after you have used them a lot they get very grubby looking. Because the lid has a dome to it making it super hard to store them. The MUA branding on the top of the lip does chip of and you probably know by now that is one of my bug bears.

I do think these are worth the hype but we do have to keep in mind that these cost £1 so your not going to get the best eye shadow in the world. But you know they are really good, especially the bright shades, you can get a bright blue that you might not reach for all the time that's going to get the job done and isn't a waste if it is left chilling in your draw.

Hope you enjoyed

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