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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips: Worth The Hype?

I challenge you to fine me a more raved about lip balm.
When these first came out in America pretty much all beauty blogers and vlogers jumped on them and it wasn't long before the hype about them came out. Needless to say there arrival in England was very much anticipated, and when they finally arrived last summer us Brits jumped on them.
Left to Right: Intensive Care, Mint Fresh, Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Punch
I have collected all of the Baby Lips that are available in England purely for bloging reasons and not because I am a crazy person who has a problem. For some reason we can get all of the permanent line Baby Lips apart from 'Grape Vine' and they don't release any of the collections which makes me sad, although I would be broke if they did because I would buy ever single one of them.
Left to Right: Intensive Care, Mint Fresh, Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Punch
I am going to split this post into two parts, the clear balms and the tinted balms, just because I think if you want just a balm you will want to read about the clear balms but if you are in the market for something which color you are going to want to read more about the tinted balms, and I just want a little more order.

If you are a normal person who has a normal sized make up collection you don't need all three of the clear balms. Honestly your choice regarding the one you end up with will be down to scent because there is no other different between them (other than packaging color). All three of them are amazingly hydrating, go so smoothly, feels nice on the lips like balmy and a little glossy, they give the lips some shine and they have SPF 20 in them so they are really good for all year round, especially summer, because your lips are not going to get burnt.
Left to Right: Intensive Care, Mint Fresh, Hydrate
Intense Care
This has the faintest scent, its kind of fruity but you can hardly smell, so if you are looking for a clear lip balm that has some SPF to it but you dont care for it to have a scent you need to check this one out because honestly the scent this does have you really have to sniff this hard to smell so I would class this as scentless.

Mint Fresh
If you are a mint lover this spearmint scented balm will be right up your ally. It doesn't tingle your lips like a lot of mint lip products do which I appreciate because sometimes that feeling is not always welcome, but it does still feel really nice and refreshing on your lips.

This is my favourite of all the clear Baby Lips. I cant quite put my finger on the scent, it's sweet but there is under tones to it that I like but I dont know what they are.

The tinted Baby Lips have varying levels of tint to them and they are not as hydrating as they clear ones but the are still amazingly hydrating and are a good fix for when you want to sooth dry lips but also get some color these are really good for that. 
Left to Right: Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Punch
Peach Kiss
This is the least tinted of all the tinted balms, it gives a subtle nude effect to the lips with some shimmer and I love this for no-makeup make up days and its perfect to throw on without having to worry about if it goes with your make up or not. This smells just like peaches and I love the smell of peaches so its a winner for me.
Cherry Me
This gives your lips a nice red tint with a glossy finish. Its nice for the day time when you don't feel comfortable wearing a bright red but you want something with the effect of a red, it also smells like cherry drops and I love that artificial cherry scent.
Pink Punch
This is my favourite of the tinted Baby Lips it smells like sweets with a slight sour hint to it and it just gives the prettiest bright baby pink tint, it doesn't have shimmer in it but still gives a glossy finish.

I think these really are worth all the hype they have got, I cant think of a bad thing to say about these so if you have yet to try these out I really suggest you do, the only cost £2.99 from all drug stores.

Hope you enjoyed

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