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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker: Worth The Hype?

Back before Soap and Glory came out with their 'official' make up line they released these lip plumbing glosses which have become a much raved about and hyped up product. I had a full size on in the past, I talked about it in an empty post, but I got the 'Be Your Own Gloss' kit that contained 5 mini Sexy Mother Puckers.
Top To Bottom: Clear, Half Naked, Candy Gloss, Yummy Plum, Punch Bowl
In total Soap and Glory has six shades of these plumper's and you can get them for £9 each from Boots, mostly the shades are pretty neutral but their is one clear and a bright pink, although they tend to come out pretty shear so your not going to get the color in the tube. The Boots website has a run down of the different scents that each gloss has, if I'm honest Clear, Candy Gloss, Punch Bowl and Yummy Plum all seem to have the same chocolate smell but Half Naked definitely has the buttered popcorn scent it claims to have.
Left To Right: Clear, Half Naked, Candy Gloss, Yummy Plum, Punch Bowl
The science part of this product and what makes them act as a plumper is the addition of PLUMPING MICROSPHERES which they say expands to 10x the size when it makes contact with water and this is what creates the fuller effect your lips and produces the tingling sensation.
I find you feel like you lips are a lot bigger but this is down to the tingling feeling, but when I personally look in the mirror I find they only look a touch bigger and this is down to either the PLUMPING MICROSPHERES or the fact that they are really glossy so it is a trick of the light.
Left To Right: Clear, Half Naked, Candy Gloss, Yummy Plum, Punch Bowl
Over lipstick you dont get the tingling feeling which is good if you find it over powering because it is quite strong, but your lips dont really lot too much different so it has to be worn alone if you want the plumper looking lips. The sheerness of them I find kind of makes them just a day time product because your not going to get the bold pink or super nude that I like for a night out.
Left To Right: Clear, Half Naked, Candy Gloss, Yummy Plum, Punch Bowl
They are a touch on the sticky side so any wind leads your hair all up in your gloss and seeing as they are really long lasting this will keep happening for a while.
Left To Right: Clear, Half Naked, Candy Gloss, Yummy Plum, Punch Bowl
I think considering the limited range of lip plumpers in the UK these are worth most the hype they are given and worth you giving them a go.
Hope you enjoyed

Sunday, 20 July 2014

MUA Single Eyeshadow: Worth The Hype?

When MUA first came out these single eye shadows where the big ticket item, everyone was getting them for reviews which made them very hard to get your hands on because everyone wanted to get some, and even to this day I have never seen a fully stocked selection of MUA single eye shadows. I always see a couple of random colors in stock with on 2 or 3 of each of these colors available. So even today these are hyped about products that everyone wants to get their hands on, but are they really worth all the hype?
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 8, 12, 16, 22, 24
I believe there are 30 shades in total ranging from nude highlight shades, to dark outer corners colors and bright fun blues and greens. Because of this vast range of shades I wanted to pick up a good color selection so I could really get a feel for the quality.
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 8, 12, 16, 22, 24
Two finishes are available for these shadows - matte and pearl so there is something for everyone, but I do think there is more color selection for the pearl shades. As you can see from the individual review for a £1 eye shadow the pigmentation is very hit or miss howeve it transfers well from the brush to your eye. Some shades are a little on the chalky side but they all feel really soft, and because of this they have a little bit of fall out. Surprisingly their pretty long lasting, however I haven't tried to wear these without a primer so that probably has an effect.
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 8, 12, 16, 22, 24
Shade 8 - Pearl
This is a bright blue with an almost metallic finish. Really blendable and still maintains is vibrancy. Having never used this on the lid I cant say if it has fall out or not but just because of the softness and brightness I would warn you to watch out for fall out.
I wear this along the lower lash line for a pop of blue, perfect if you want to add some bright color to your make up look but in a subtle way.

Shade 12 - Pearl
Said to be a dupe for MAC's club this shadow is a rich brown that bends out to have a green tone to it. Another really blendable shade and don't let the darkness of it put you off, it really is very easy to work with. Keep in mind there is a lot of fall out in comparison to the other shades and you do have to be really light handed when you brush it away or it just makes a bigger mess.
I find this a really good shade to use for the crease and outer corner for a smoky effect but it would look really nice on the lid and blended into the crease for a quick look.

Shade 16 - Matte
Ughh. In the pan this looks like a really nice highlight shade but in reality it does nothing for me. I have tried to use this as a highlight but it just doesn't work, its really pigmented that not the issue it just doesn't add the brightness under my eye brows that I was looking for, and I think its too light to be used a lid shade. There is no fall out which is a plus and although its a touch chalky it is really soft. You cant blend this one too much because it does blend out to nothing.
Although it didn't work as a highlight on me I think on a darker skin tone it would be a pretty highlight.

Shade 22 - Pearl
Another of the lighter shades but this time it is baby pink. Really soft, no fall out, amazing pigmentation this is just a shade everyone needs in their collection.
As well as being a pretty lid shade I like to use this to help blend out the crease when Im not feeling using a soft brown.

Shade 24 - Pearl
A very universal shade that works on a range of skin tones. This slight gray toned purple is really soft without a chalky effect, very little fall out and can be blended easierly without being blended away.
This is really nice on your lid for a quick look but I also like to wear this in the crease if Im not going for something to bold.

Packaging wise I'm not a fan, although its fairly durable - especially for the price - but aesthetically their not pretty, particularly after you have used them a lot they get very grubby looking. Because the lid has a dome to it making it super hard to store them. The MUA branding on the top of the lip does chip of and you probably know by now that is one of my bug bears.

I do think these are worth the hype but we do have to keep in mind that these cost £1 so your not going to get the best eye shadow in the world. But you know they are really good, especially the bright shades, you can get a bright blue that you might not reach for all the time that's going to get the job done and isn't a waste if it is left chilling in your draw.

Hope you enjoyed

Thursday, 17 July 2014

July Glossybox 2014: Stars and Stripes

Sorry its a bit photo heavy :/
For those of you looking for a variety of beauty products from hair care to make up I would suggest that you give this months Glossybox a miss, but for those of you who like the make up side of Glossybox this is for you. My box comes with 5 full size make up items all of which I will use, and for the first time I can say actually match my Beauty Profile.
The theme for this month is based on 4th of July and although the products are all cult products of the USA I would have liked to see a couple more that you cant get in England.

Belapierre Cosmetics Ltd
Mineral Lipstick - Ruby
Although the packaging looks a little cheap and its super hard to open, this feels like an amazing lipstick, its vanilla scented, goes on smoothly, highly pigmented and is pretty much smudge proof.
Im really happy I got the red because it is perfect not just for summer but for all year and any time of the day. I am going to have a lot of fun creating summer looks around this lippy.
Full Size = One Size: £20

Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer
Personally I don't use eye shadow primer, I just use concealer but this is still an amazing product to get because other than beauty vloggers and bloggers I don't really see eye primers talked about so this will get people to see how key they are to getting your shadows to stay in place all day.
Despite the packaging saying this is oil free when I tried this out on my hand it felt quite greasy and took a while to dry so I don't know how that's going to work under eye shadow so I need to play around with this and let you know what I think.
Full Size = 7.9g: $4.99/£2.92

Lip Balm
I have wanted to try Carmex for the longest time because everyone says how amazing it is. This is a beeswax based lip balm with menthol that is meant to keep your lips conditioned and nourished.
Sadly I was let down, it was nourishing but the tingling feeling it gave my lips wasn't welcome, and it also smelt like 'Vicks' which is most likely because of the menthol.
Full Size = 7.5g: £2.69

Color Club
Nail Polish - Glossy Seal
Pretty sure this is a brand that we cant get in the UK so I'm super excited to try this out. The color is exclusive to Glossybox which I really like because it makes it seem that bit more special, its also a really big bottle so you don't really need to worry that you will finish it and not be able to replace it any time soon.
Not sure how often  will wear this because its a dark teal and firstly I tend to stay away from blue polish and secondly I never know when to wear it, is it too dark for summer? or is it too light for winter?
Full Size = 15ml: $8/£4.68

Cream to Powder Blush Stick - Soho Pink
This is another product that I have wanted to try for ages but I have never found them in the UK. This is a creamy stick blusher that you apply to your checks from the stick and blend with your fingers to get your desired look.
I love the natural pink tone of this blusher and it will be perfect for natural make up days. I really like cream blusher for those days when I want my make up to last all day because I apply some cream blush and top it with a powder blusher of a similar color.
Full Size = 11g: £2.99

I am really happy with my box this month and I hope you are too. It is worth £33.28 so not the highest value but I know I will actually use everything and not leave it sitting for ages before finally using it.
Hope you enjoyed

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Rimmel London Apocalips

Rimmel brought out the Apocalips at the beginning of last year and they are still a highly in demand lip product that has led the change in the way we think about lip color/products.
Left to Right: Nova, Apocaliptic, Stellar
Rather than a lipstick that packs the color punch but still might a need a gloss over the top for some shine, or a lip gloss that has some color to it but not the vibrancy you want for a bold lip, apocalips are a lip laquer - they have the color of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the staying power of a lip stain.
Left to Right: Nova, Apocaliptic, Stellar
Just about every color preference is catered for, they have nudes to classic red, soft pink to bright orange. The color you see in the tube is the color that will be applied on to your lips and will stay there for the next few hours even with eating and drinking.
The wand is a classic dough foot applicator but has a dip into so to hold more product allowing you to appy it to your lips without having to dip it back in the tube over and over again.
A complaint that everyone has is the result of the vibrancy, this is one of those products that tends to get on your teeth - even after doing the finger trick. What I find helps this is to apply this in thin layers so you are not left with a mass of wet product - you have lots of layers of dry product.
Left to Right: Nova, Apocaliptic, Stellar
Nova (102)
This is a soft, dusty, baby pink perfect for the day time. It looks amazing with any makeup look and is a great alternative to a nude lip. As much as I love this in the day time I dont think it would work for a night look just becuase, in my opinon, it is too pastel for a night out.
A good shade to have to get you into the apocalips because being a light shade it allows you to get a feel for the product and the best way to apply it without having to worry about making such a mess.

Apocaliptic (303)
Bright fuschia pink is a make up bag essential and this one is amazing. Although out of all the ones I've tried this is the most likely to get on your teeth the lasting power it has and the shine it gives 100% outweighs that. As well as being great for a summers day you can rock this for any night out and (whispers) I always get compliments with this shade.
Don't let the bold color scare you off, apply it lightly and blend it out with your finger for a subtle bright pink lip.

Stellar (501)
If like me you want to rock a bright orange lip but don't have the confidence to do so I would recomend this shade. Although this does still count as a bright orange because of the slight red undertone it is more wearable and less in your face 'oh look at me Im bright orange'.
This is the perfect holiday shade because you can wear it buy the pool and look like a really glamorous person without worrying about it going anywhere and then with your new tan you can wear it at night and it looks stunning.

For around £6.99 really recomend you give these a go because you will find a shade that works for you.
Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think of the apocalips

Saturday, 12 July 2014

MUA Color Blast Eyeshadow Tint

I am all about the quick easy makeup for school, when I have the option of spending an extra 5 minutes in bed and applying a cream eyeshadow or getting up and putting a load of eyeshadow on I will always pick the cream shadow option.
Left To Right: Bring It Back, Stay, Diamonds
These cream shadows are in a pencil format which means you can get a more precise application rather than just using a cream shadow out a pot with your finger, the pencil'ness' of the product means that you can just concentrate the color on to the areas that you really want that color to be, for example your inner corner.
Left To Right: Bring It Back, Stay, Diamonds
All of these shades give you the option to layer the color up to make it more intense without worrying about the cream shadow creasing on you.
After trying to put color on the inner half of the lid and another on the outer half and blend the two together I do find the it just makes a mess so I like to wear these as a shadow base or just on their own as a single color.
Left To Right: Bring It Back, Stay, Diamonds
Bring It Back
This is a dark bronze shade with a slight metallic finish to it. It goes on really smoothly and evenly to the eyes however the shade that you get when you swatch it on your hand is a couple shades darker than what you get when applying it on your eyes.
Stay's a champange with a lot of coral shimmer to it. When you swatch it the color is super pretty, but it just doesnt work on your lids. After application your left with a slightly patchy, sheer coat of color that just looks like you have a really small amount of coral shimmer on your lids, which is a real disappointment.
Very similar to other pink cream shadows on the market this is a baby pink with a slight metallic finish to it. But to apply this is the worst out of the three I own, it has a really unsmooth application that leaves you with super patchy color that looks like you left some cream shadow on the night before, the color you get is just a weird like pink thats not the most flattering thing.

The shades are hit and miss but it seems the darker ones are the ones which the best application and most pigmentation and the lighter ones just don't translate. In the collection their is 6 shades, as well as the 3 I have there is a taupe, a black and a purple.
They retail for £3 each which is amazing for those darker shades but I think you can give the lighter ones a miss.

Hope you enjoyed

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips: Worth The Hype?

I challenge you to fine me a more raved about lip balm.
When these first came out in America pretty much all beauty blogers and vlogers jumped on them and it wasn't long before the hype about them came out. Needless to say there arrival in England was very much anticipated, and when they finally arrived last summer us Brits jumped on them.
Left to Right: Intensive Care, Mint Fresh, Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Punch
I have collected all of the Baby Lips that are available in England purely for bloging reasons and not because I am a crazy person who has a problem. For some reason we can get all of the permanent line Baby Lips apart from 'Grape Vine' and they don't release any of the collections which makes me sad, although I would be broke if they did because I would buy ever single one of them.
Left to Right: Intensive Care, Mint Fresh, Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Punch
I am going to split this post into two parts, the clear balms and the tinted balms, just because I think if you want just a balm you will want to read about the clear balms but if you are in the market for something which color you are going to want to read more about the tinted balms, and I just want a little more order.

If you are a normal person who has a normal sized make up collection you don't need all three of the clear balms. Honestly your choice regarding the one you end up with will be down to scent because there is no other different between them (other than packaging color). All three of them are amazingly hydrating, go so smoothly, feels nice on the lips like balmy and a little glossy, they give the lips some shine and they have SPF 20 in them so they are really good for all year round, especially summer, because your lips are not going to get burnt.
Left to Right: Intensive Care, Mint Fresh, Hydrate
Intense Care
This has the faintest scent, its kind of fruity but you can hardly smell, so if you are looking for a clear lip balm that has some SPF to it but you dont care for it to have a scent you need to check this one out because honestly the scent this does have you really have to sniff this hard to smell so I would class this as scentless.

Mint Fresh
If you are a mint lover this spearmint scented balm will be right up your ally. It doesn't tingle your lips like a lot of mint lip products do which I appreciate because sometimes that feeling is not always welcome, but it does still feel really nice and refreshing on your lips.

This is my favourite of all the clear Baby Lips. I cant quite put my finger on the scent, it's sweet but there is under tones to it that I like but I dont know what they are.

The tinted Baby Lips have varying levels of tint to them and they are not as hydrating as they clear ones but the are still amazingly hydrating and are a good fix for when you want to sooth dry lips but also get some color these are really good for that. 
Left to Right: Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Punch
Peach Kiss
This is the least tinted of all the tinted balms, it gives a subtle nude effect to the lips with some shimmer and I love this for no-makeup make up days and its perfect to throw on without having to worry about if it goes with your make up or not. This smells just like peaches and I love the smell of peaches so its a winner for me.
Cherry Me
This gives your lips a nice red tint with a glossy finish. Its nice for the day time when you don't feel comfortable wearing a bright red but you want something with the effect of a red, it also smells like cherry drops and I love that artificial cherry scent.
Pink Punch
This is my favourite of the tinted Baby Lips it smells like sweets with a slight sour hint to it and it just gives the prettiest bright baby pink tint, it doesn't have shimmer in it but still gives a glossy finish.

I think these really are worth all the hype they have got, I cant think of a bad thing to say about these so if you have yet to try these out I really suggest you do, the only cost £2.99 from all drug stores.

Hope you enjoyed