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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Stila Lip Glazes: Worth The Hype?

Ever since I first stumbled across the beauty community 5 years ago I have seen people talk about these in hauls, make up collections, gift guides, what's in my bags etc. Stila is one of those brands that is hard to get in the UK and when this trio was in Boots a couple of years ago at Christmas.
You can get the trios for £12 for 3 lip glazes each 0.9ml off being full size, or you can buy a full size lip glaze for £15 - Not hard to work out what the better deal is.
I have the trio in cool, which contains grapefruit, seashell, and raisin, but if these aren't the shades for you they have a range of different trios so you can find the perfect one for you, you could even split the cost with 2 friends and each get one for £4 each.
Left to Right
Seashell, Grapefruit, Raisin
They have a range of colors so there is something for everyone, however all of the colors seem to be more day time nudes and brights rather than bold night out shades and this is the only problem that I have with the shade selection because not everyone wants a nude pink of a watermelon shade they want a vampy color.
Seashell is very slightly dusty mauve toned nude which looks really good over just a classic nude lipstick or one that is more brown toned.
Grapefruit's a muted baby pink which is slightly difficult to work with, it doesnt look nice (for me) over a baby pink lipstick but through trille and error I have found it gives a conciler lips nude lipstick a nice pink tint making them more wearable.
The closes shade they make to a vampy color is raisin, its a dark purple with some glitter which although the color shows up when swatched it doesnt translate on to the lips and it just gives a really slight purple tint, but this does mean that it is a nice shade for day to day wear but for me thats good because I dont think this is a shade I would reach for on a night out.
Left to Right
Seashell, Grapefruit, Raisin
The packaging is very simple, its a plastic tube which you wind to get the product to the brush applicator, I really like this formate for a lipgloss because you can see how much product you have and not as much is wasted as with a conventional lip gloss tube. For the price I would expect the packaging to be slightly better quality and by that I mean, the writing is 'chipping' off the tubes and I think this makes them look really cheep.
The consistency is thick, and not the good thick where is thick and creamy, its the bad thick where it is thick and sticky. I know I just said that these are the bad kind of thick but I have used lip glosses that are more sticky than this and if you go wear this on a windy day or your hair is out the way than the stickyness is bearable.
Left to Right
Seashell, Grapefruit, Raisin
I do think these are worth the hype and I can see why so many people have them, they are not something that I can see being any everyday product but I enjoy reaching for these when I want something that is a little more luxury than my normal drug store lip gloss picks.

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