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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Skin 79 Super Plus BB Cream

As with the Stila Tinted Moisturiser (reviewed here) I picked this up last summer in a bid to find something that worked for my oily skin. I was interested to try this after seeing CosmeticCharlotte72 rave and rave about this I had to get it from ebay.
The one that I got is from the VIP Gold Collection so it is in a light gold container and Im not going to lie other than the color of the container I dont know what the difference is between the BB Cream that I got and that the regular one.
Out of all the BB creams that I have tried this is the best by far. It works really well for my oily skin because although it have kind of thick with good coverage its still light and lets me go the whole day without greasy patches on my face which I found the Rimmel one did when I tried that one. Skin 79 say that this contains both gold and caviar extracts which have positive benefits for your skin to care for it and give it a healthy shine. Dewy foundations I tend to avoid because in my books dewy = oily, however healthy shine I am open to because it tends to be in all the right places. The healthy finish of this BB cream is what makes it really good for people who are just getting in to make up and still have really good skin because BB cream isnt as harmful so it will keep your skin nice, and it will look more natural because you have that natural healthy glow.
A sponge is the best why to apply this because unlike the western BB creams that have a foundation like consistency Asian BB creams are thicker, and this one in particular might work if you stipple it on but using your fingers or a foundation brush just moves the product around rather than allow the product to 'stick' to your skin. A word or warning cream products are fine to put over the top of this but liquid products (for example (MEMEME Beat the Blues highlighter - reviews here - or Benefit Benetint) need to be used sparingly because they can wipe the BB cream off a bit.
My BB Cream is in the shade 1 but I dont know if they have other colors, this was the one I was sent when I brought it I had no choice, it may be a tiny touch light but really with some powder over the top its all good. Before I powder I tend to do my eyes because I find for best results you need to let this sit on your skin for a few minutes - the reason I do this is because after I have applied and blended this with my trusty sponge its looks a smidge patchy an just a bit hmm is this right but after a minute or two it looks perfect.
So I love this stuff and it is a summer staple, I would go as far to say other than for reviewing purposes there is no need for me to buy another BB cream.

I hope you enjoyed this review
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