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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Nocibe Jungle Addict Palette

I got sent that palette a couple of summers ago from my dear friend Ellen, who also writes a blog which is for sure worth a read, and I just think this is such a good little palette for touch ups or if you don't like a load of different color options and just want one look you can put on this is  the palette for you.
This is perfect to keep in your handbag for touching up throughout the day because it is super light, really thin and contains that basic colors that you will need, and the large mirror makes it perfect to take on the go with you. The packaging is cardboard which I know you will think isn't going to be up to much and wont last in your bag for more than a week or so, but this stuff is strong. I have had this in my make up bag, I've travelled with it and their is the smallest smallest dot of wear on one of the corners.
The design isn't going to be for everyone but I love the zebra print because it fun and doesn't show up messy marks at all.
As for the product in the palette you get 4 blushers and 4 eye shadows so if you want to take this on your travels with you your set for blush but might want to bring some extra eye shadows so you have a few more options.
All of the blushers have shimmer in them and are nice and soft with out being powdery messes. The blushes are best for pale to medium skin tones. The two brown shades are good to use as a contour - despite the shimmer - you can use the lighter one just wear you would normally contour and then take the darker shade to add more definition to any areas that you feel you need to. There is a baby pink blush which of course won my heart and I think it looks really nice when you have tan and I reach for it when I want to do a more natural look. The final blusher is a peachy coral and out of all of them, for me, this is the one that will see the least action, although its really pretty and would be a perfect summer color I just don't reach for these sorts of colors.
The four eye shadows all have varying levels of shimmer in them and can be used together to create a nice daytime look - the white and the brown have the most in them while the purple and the black just have some subtle touches of sparkle.
The white is perfect for the inner corner and brings some nice light into the eyes, the purple is a fun twist for a daytime lid shade, then we have a really nice rich brown shade with shimmer that is really nice for the crease and for making the purple more wearable for those of you who don't like to rock the colored eye shadow. Finally the last of the eye shadows is a black and this is the disappointment of the palette because when you swatch it the pigmentation isn't that bad but it doesn't translate and doesn't give the outer v definition that I hoped it would.
The final two things that the palette has in it are a sponge tip and mini brush applicator - which I dont keep in the palette however I saved them to use with other things. 
I really would recommend this if you can get your hands on it, try a look on ebay, but I think you can only find it in France.

Hope you enjoyed

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