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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Emite Micronized Eyeshadow - Nect

This was my star product from the November Glossybox, it comes from the brand Emite which is a Sweadish brand that can only be brought from their website.
Looking at the color you would think, bar a black or a white, could you have been sent a more boring color. And granted in the pan this looks no different from your average vanilla shimmery eye shadow. But when you swatch this thing OMG will you change your mind. It is a shade that everyone needs to have in their collection because it works for literary every occasion,  it can be blended out for a subtle shimmer look perfect for work or school, it can be used as a highlight, as a base shade for any look, used to help blend out other colors, the uses are endless.
The consistency is very soft so you get good pigmentation without having to apply loads, and their is also no fall which is perfect if you have an all matte face that you don't want shimmer falling on. Emite say that this can be used for those who have sensitive skin and wear contact lenses because through the absence of oil, parabens, perfume and nickel it wont cause irritation to the skin - or the chance of irritation will be highly reduced.
Packaging is nice and compact with a clear plastic window so you can see the eye shadow color without having to open it. The packaging is really sturdy so the hinge isn't going to break and leave you with the worry that the lids going to fall off and make a mess of your make up bag.
These cost roughly £16.80 for a 1.48g 'pot' so just a little bit more than what you would pay for a MAC eye shadow, I know for me that's not a price that I would pay on a regular basis but for an eye shadow like this that is a very versatile shade I might be willing to buy it.

Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you have any drug store dupes for this product

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