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Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Thoughts On - Model Co

Model Co is a brand of Australian origin that is available from Space NK or their website. They offer a wide range of products to match a range of different make up styles, you like natural they have natural, bright colors they have you sorted.
Glamour magazine often have make up freebies included and you can sometimes get Model Co free with the £2 magazine, all of the products that I am going to be going through in this post I got in the magazine.

Fibre Lashxtend Mascara - £16
This is a black mascara which contains fibres that are suppose to attach themselves to your lashes and make them appear longer and fuller. I found that for my first couple of uses of the product that really did happen, the fibres attached to my lashes without looking obvious and just made my lashes look amazing but after about 3 or 4 uses I no longer noticed the fibres and it just came to be like a normal lengthening mascara which also gave slight volume. The packaging is really simple and has a handy dandy mirror on the back which when you are in a stitch it is functional for applying things like mascara.
I'm not going to say you need to rush out and buy this but if you have the chance to get this with a magazine take that chance.

Eye Define Eye Pencil (Black 01) - £7.50
This is looks a little melted because I took the photos outside in the sun
OHMAGOSH I love this eye liner, the day this runs out will be a very sad day indeed. Its a creamy, extremely black eye liner which has a sharpener in the lid - that I normally don't like but this is a strong lid so I trust its not going to just 'crumble'. Its amazing on the lower lash line because it doesn't smudge and it lasts a good amount of time in your water line with out having to be set with shadow and if I am going to tight line my eyes this is the liner I reach for because it apply's without having to go over and over it which makes your eyes water.
Seriously this eye pencil is amazing and I would recommend it to you with out hesitation.

Shine Ultra Lip Goss - £12
Left -Berry Pink, Right - Strip Tease
These where what I was most excited for out of everything I got from Glamour because I love lip gloss, and other than the fact that these leak a little I love these. The colors are quite sheer but you can still tell that you have the pink one on or you have the nude one one, they have some gold shimmer to them which makes them look even glossier, they go on really smoothly and are not sticky in the slightest, and they have a sweet maoam like scent so what's not to love.
Left - Berry Pink, Right - Strip Tease
These are so good and as well as wanted to get some more colors for myself I would recommend them to all of you.

Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner - £16
This isn't just your average nude lip liner, or it doesn't claim to be an average lip liner. Its suppose to made your lips look fuller but I only notice a slight difference in lip fullness when I have this on alone but after applying lip stick over the top your lip size looks normal. This is a matte nude pencil which is pretty creamy and works wonders for keeping your lipstick in place all day. Just like the eye pencil this also has the sharpener in the lid and I have using it a couple of times but it just makes the lid grubby.
Its a little pricey for what it is but if you are willing to spend a little more on a nude lip liner that's going to work for all make up looks than you might want to look into getting this.

Hope you liked my Model Co run down.

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