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Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Thoughts On - Jemma Kidd

Jemma Kidd was huge in the beauty community a couple of years ago and people still talk about it today so last summer when I stumbled across some of the products in TK Maxx last summer I was really excited to try them, especially as they where doing sets of 2 items for about £3 and seeing as Jemma Kidd is kind of a high end brand that is amazing. When the brand was released it was sold in Boots stores as well as in America and Hong Kong but I'm fairly certain that Boots no longer stock it however you can sometimes find it on discount make up sites. My expectations where high for this brand seeing as they where created both by and make up artist and for the use in a make up school and there are quite some initiative products within the range which aim to give you the most for your money as well as be convenient to make up artists with little space in their kit.

Glitterati Shadow Dust Duo - Premiere
This is a double ended eye product with a taupe cream shadow that has a slight metallic hint to it that's long lasting with a soft sponge tip applicator. It doesn't say the amount of product that you get but it seems like a good amount which will last you sometime. Its drying time is really fast making it a good product for those days where you have no time and you need a cream shadow that dry's quickly so you can apply your liquid liner. The other end of this duo is a taupe roll on glitter shadow that although its really pretty on and looks amazing over the cream shadow for an effortless daytime glam look that will last you from morning till night the roller ball sucks. It gets stuck so you have to force it and I don't want to be doing that on my eye lid.
The cream shadow would get 4/5 where as the roll on glitter shadow gets a 2/5 so really this isn't worth it, you can find other taupe cream shadows I think everyone does them.

Hi-design eye color - Dramatic
This is a mermaid blue eye shadow containing standard amount of shimmer. For my complexion this isn't the best lid shade because its just a bit too much, however I as a lower lash line color or run through the crease with a pencil brush and blended out with soft brown it looks really pretty. But I just don't find it that exciting and nothing different from what you can find in the drug store where you will most likely find something cheaper that has more consistent pigmentation.
I'm in love with this packaging, its just a clear acrylic pot that's no bigger than it needs to be with space wasted for sponge tip applicators that most people end up getting rid of. The front of the container has a red JK and Jemma Kidd printed on it in a 'material' that's not going to chip off, the eye shadow pan is sat in a pink plastic tray to add an extra pop of color. You get 3g of product which is fairly average for an eye shadow and I really cant see myself ever using a whole blue shadow.

I would give this 3/5 because although I like it but I don't think its worth being a high end product seeing as its not that special.

Ultimate Lipstick Duo - Rita
Another double ended product that's really good for travel and space saving. I mentioned this in my Lip Product Addict Tag Post, I talked about how much I love this nude because its brown toned so on me there isn't the chance of that dead lip look. Its a really creamy lipstick that doesn't have to be applied with a mirror. It says that its a matte finish however I find it to be more of a cream but I like that too so I'm not to bothered about the misleading box information. There is a lip primer on the other end which is pretty much a vanilla scented lip balm that I will reach for when its in my bag and I don't have another option, the only thing that this has different to a regular lip balm is that it gives your lips a white tint making the lip stick pop more.
I give this a 4/5 because I would rather than this having the primer it just being a full size lipstick.

Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lip Gloss - Oyster
As a lip gloss lover I was really excited for this and my word did this deliver. Its a really nice nude that has gold shimmer in it that looks nice over a range of different nude lippies. Its not sticky and just gives the lips a really nice shine. I like my lip glosses to have a scent to them and this ones is really different it smells sweet but quite sharp at the same time.
Really recommend this and out of everything that I have tried this is what I most recommend with a 4.5/5.

Given the limited availability of Jemma Kidd I would recommend that you get it when you can and let me know what you think.
Hope you enjoyed

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