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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Love it or Leave it: Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer

I picked this up from Ebay last summer during my hunt for something that would get me through the day with out looking like a hot oily mess. I was worried because I had to match my shade on-line using a few different websites to make sure that I got the best shade for me I settled on the color medium (01) and I think that is a good match for me, it may be a touch dark for my natural skin tone but its nothing some blending cant fix and its good for when I have a tan. Like a lot of tinted moisturisers this does have an SPF in it, great for the summer, and this one;s is SPF 30 and I don't think I have seen that many products which such a high SPF in them - warning don't wear this (or anything with a high SPF) if you are planing on undergoing flash photography because it will just reflect back and give you a white face.
This is an oil free tinted moisturiser so its perfect for all you girlie's with the oily skin this is something for you to look into. I also find that the application of this product is much more foundation like than moisturiser like and by that I mean when you put it on it doesn't feel like its just sitting on your skin and it needs to 'sink' in, it just feels like a foundation to apply and it blends really nicely. Its really light weight which helps in the summer and stops it being cakey, it does say that's it 'shear color' so the coverage is light to medium but you never expect a tinted moisturiser to have loads of coverage because it just wouldn't be as light to wear. 
This has a hefty price tag of $34 from Sephora (sorry I don't know what that is in pounds) and I don't think your getting your moneys worth with this. Firstly the packaging isn't great, they have improved upon the old packaging that I have that's a squeeze tube made of a really strong gray plastic meaning that once the tube is about half full it is almost impossible to get any product out, the tinted moisturiser is still in a squeeze tube but it looks easier to use. I may have mentioned before but I really don't like foundation products that are in squeeze tubes because I fine that you waste so much product because you always get more out than you need. This is also quite thick so you have to get use to working with it and putting on a little bit at a time and seeing how far you can get it before going in and adding more product.
Over all I would say to leave this, its just far to expensive for what it is, it doesn't even look like a luxury product in the packaging so save your money and find a better priced and packaged tinted moisturiser. Honestly if this was in a bottle with a pump and cost (a lot) less I would really recommend it, but if you can find your shade on ebay and your interested in this than I would recommend you get it from there because you can get it for under £8.

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