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Monday, 16 June 2014

June Glossybox 2014: Summer is here

I was really look forward to the arrival of this months Glossybox and when I got home to find it waiting for me I was slightly disappointed at the contents. We had been promised at least three of our five products being full size and each box having a minimum value of £45. I got 3 full sizes and one of my samples is still really big, and I'm really pleased to see that although 2 of the products everyone got - and one brand that everyone got one of two products - there is good variation between the boxes they sent out, but I still don't think they are fully reading the beauty profiles of people based on one of the products I got.
Without further waffle lets look in my box.
3-in-1 Base/Topcoat & Nail Strengthener
Full Size = 15ml - £13.50
Sample Size = 10ml - £9
I have never heard of this brand and my card says that the product is a new release. Although I would have liked to see a fun bright summer color, this is quite a safe product because everyone needs this type of thing and I'm forever running out of these 3-in-1 type products so I'm pleased with it, but I'm just confused as to why we couldn't have had a full size because this is such a generous sample where is the harm in the giving me the extra 5ml to make it full size is.

Teeez Trend Cosmetics
Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush
Full Size = 1 Brush - $19 (£11.19)
Sample Size = 1 brush - $19 (£11.19)
Another Brand that is new to me this is a fairly soft eye shadow brush which is very firm so you can use to pack color onto the lid and blend it out as well as use it for the application and blending of cream shadow. I think I have said before that I love to get make up tools because they last longer than a sample would and they are good things for people trying to build up their make up collections. The bristles are made of natural hair which is nice to see because it makes it seem more of a luxury product and different from what I tend to buy and that's the point of Glossybox.

Qi Gong-Spray
Full Size = 50ml - £3.50
Sample Size = 50ml - £3.50
The only brand in the box I had heard of and as much as I have been wanting to try something from Rituals because the brand is spoken so highly of this just isn't a product for me. I'm not an spray antiperspirant girl - I have a fear of getting freeze burn - and it doesn't smell great so I think I might pass this on to someone who will use it.

QV Skin Lotion
Full Size = 250ml - £6.60
Sample SIze = 15ml - £0.39
Ignoring the dry patch I'm currently suffering with I don't have dry skin, so why I keep getting products for dry skin types is beyond me. Its a good size sample because it allows you too see if you like it/it works for you or if your like me its small enough to not take up any space so you can save it for the odd dry patch. This is also one of those lotions that can be used to remover your eye make up, personally I don't like the feeling of doing that but if I was away with this and had no other option its good to know.

So Susan Cosmetics
Universal Blush
Full Size = 4g - £18
Sample Size = 4g - £18
So excited to see this, when I saw in the spoiler post that everyone would either get this or the concealer quad I was really looked forward to seeing what I got, to be honest I wouldn't have minded the concealer but I am such a blusher girl, needless to say this is the star product of the box for me. The packaging is really compact, they haven't wasted space with a stupid little brush no one is going to use and the color is so nice, its a mauve rosey color with shimmer that is meant to give a natural flush to a range of different skin tones.

The total value of my box is £42.08, so either my math is wrong or Glossybox has lied to me but I dont have the minimum £45 value, but what ever its worth more than my boxes normally are and I have some really good products.

Hope you enjoyed

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