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Saturday, 14 June 2014

First Impression: Kiko Smart Shade Lipstick

When I was in Rome in February I picked up two of the Smart Shade Lipsticks from Kiko which can only be purchased from through the website in England, but being in the store and being able to swatch the products and see everything in person is so much better than looking online and hoping that the photos on the website are 'true'.
Left - 911
Right - 912
The packaging of the lipsticks is really nice and sleek which makes it look like a high end lippy that you picked up for under £4. There is a sticker on the bottom of the tube, which is made of that material which seems to pick up every bit of dust and dirt in your makeup bag, although the sticker says that shade number I would have liked the sticker to have been the color of the lipstick rather than silver just so if you have a few you know which is which without having to remember what number correspond with what color.
From reading about the product on the website it seems that its very much designed around the application and they claim that this is a very easy to apply lipstick which gives you careful control while using it, however I felt the application to be not different from other ones that I own. They have also said that you are the one who is in control of the color intensity but becuase it feels so glossy and nourishing I found that when I tried to layer it up to make the colors bolder but I just didnt like the feeling when I did that.

911 - Watermelon
The first color that I tried was number 911 (watermelon) - side note hate the number of it, it just feels wrong - its a bright pink with some shimmer in it. I expected this to be really bold but in reality it is bright but just think more Baby Lips Pink Punch rather than MAC Girl About Town. I didn't find this to be too long lasting but I did wear this without a lip liner because when I put on the nude lip liner I often wear for a bold lip it looked really odd under this, like you could kinda see it.
Left - one coat
Right - three coats
912 - Crimson Red
The other color is 912 (Crimson Red) and I feel like this is going to become one of my top bold lipsticks which surprised me because when I brought this I accidently got this lipstick rather than an orange that I wanted but I'm so glad because I love it. The name would suggest that it is a true red however as you might be able to see in the swatch bellow it is actually more of a fuschia toned red so its more wearable for the summer when your looking for something with the affect of a red with out actually being a true red. It is slightly less shimmery than 911 so it lasts longer and for a such a strong/bold lipstick color it is really easy to apply, doesn't need a lip-liner because its not going to bleed or smudge.
Left - one coat
Right - three coats
Hope you enjoyed seeing my first impressions of these lipsticks, I will defiantly be getting some more of these are some point because they are such good value for money
Talk to you soon

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