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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Eucerin Aquaphor: Worth The Hype?

I have been having a spot of dry skin (between my eyebrows) over the past few days and I know I complain about my oily skin but dry isn't any better, I hate the feeling of dry skin and I don't understand where it has come from. Although it gave me the perfect chance to dig this out of my sample box. You can get this on the books website for £8.50 for a 200ml tube however it is an American product so if you live in America I'm sure you can find this a lot easier - with perhaps more size/price options. I was interested to try it and pleased that I had a chance to because since I got this in a Gossybox I have noticed how big this is with American beauty bloggers/vloggers.
This is designed for very dry and even cracked skin which I know on a lot of people can be very painful but with this being fragrance free its's not going to 'burn' or irritate the area further than it might already be, the balm is so soothing and gentle on the skin it is safe enough so it can be used on babies. It doesn't instantly solve the dry skin like a hand lotion might but it works with the skin to speed up the process. The packaging is very clinical looking which many people might not like but I think it looks really nice and simple, I all appreciate that all of the information about the product that you will need, for example 'about the product' and ingredients, is on the tube as well as on the box.
The box doesn't lie it is a skin balm, it has the consistency of Vaseline which do you really want that on your face (or body) because not only does it just sit there and skin in really quite slowly but people can see it because it looks wet, so its ok for make up free days but don't put this on expecting to apply your make up right after.

I would say that if you are looking for something thick that's going to work with your skin to deal with areas of really dry skin I would say that this is worth the hype, however I will say that this is best to apply at night rather than in the morning so that you give it all night to sink in.

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