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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Organic Surge Volume Boost Conditioner

This product was delivered to my door in the June Glossy box and it had not left my sample draw until recently when we didn't have any conditioner so I got this out for a try. And seeing as I finished this up I thought I would let you know my feelings.
This is a condition for fine/fly away hair so I expected it to work well for me because I have thin hair which has a tendency to get knotty and the condition claims that it will 'gently de-tangle' but it doesn't have silicones and other products that will weigh your hair down in it, which that in itself if going to help keep volume in your hair. As the brand name would suggest there is plant extracts in the condition that provide a range of benefits including enhancing fine hair.

After reading about this product and seeing what it claims I was expecting big things from it, but I didnt find that it lived up to all it said it would. My hair was de-tangled and it did feel soft but I cant say that I got any really volume from it. However I think when used with the matching shampoo your more likely to get volume I dont put condition at the roots of my hair which is where the volume will be so remember I only used the conditioner. The scent of this is amazing, its like a mix of mint and lavender but sadly the scent doesn't last in your hair after you have washed it out and I always like it when product scents last in my hair and people comment on.

This retails for £5.99 from supermarkets and the Organic Surge website

Hope you enjoyed

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