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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Figs and Rouge Cherry Blossom Lip Balm

When I first got this in the June Glossybox I was very much in two minds about this product. I was excited to have a new lip balm to try, but I was unsure how I felt about the multitasking qualities of the product and the application took me a while to get use to.
All of the ingredients that this lip balm has are 100% natural and pure and contain things like antioxidants, and it just claims to be very nourishing and smoothing. Being the cherry blossom flavour this gives your lips a red tint, the other flavour that they do is Coco-Rose which I assume gives a pink tint.
The packaging of this is designed with girls on the go in mind, it comes in a squeeze tube which allows it to have a thinner consistency than a twist up lip balm but you dont need to use your fingers because you can apply it right from the tube, for people who want to put lip balm on while on the go and dont want to get germs from their hands in their lip balm this is good - they also suggest taking it to festivals with you.
This is a multi tasking product which they say can put used as a cuticle balm, to add some hydration to your elbows and knees, on the eyelids for some shine or even to tame your eyebrows. I personally don't like the idea of using tinted lip balm, or any lip balm, as a multi use product I always just imagine it becoming a greasy mess, but if you are on the go and don't mind a multi use balm this would be perfect to take with you because it is small and light.

As far as the balm itself is concerned I do enjoy it, the smell reminds me or cherry drops but there are cherry scents that I  like better, but they are most likely a much more artificial scent than this one has. I gives a red juicy finish to the lips and like I have said it is a thinner consistency than most lip balms which doesn't make it feel greasy on the lips it just feels like a thick lip gloss, but Im not overly keen on the feeling so I like to apply this before I go to sleep and then when I wake up my lips feel amazingly smooth.
I have no idea why my hand looks so pale, I think its a result of taking photos outside.
A full size is 12.5ml which is a good amount for lip balm and costs £5

Hope you enjoyed this review

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