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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Beauty UK CC Cream

Got this little gem in my January Glossybox and I tried this out purely because I have such oily skin in the summer I am always looking for lighter alternatives to foundation and I have pretty much used this whole thing up.
BB Creams hadn't really worked for me so I didnt even think to try a CC Cream and this one has made me really want to try others.
For those of you that are out of the loop, a CC cream is a color correcting cream with lots of beneficial properties for your skin while being a light alternative to a foundation. As well as light reflecting pigments and providing hydration to this skin this contains SPF 30 so it is perfect if you are in a rush or are someone who often forgets to apply sunscreen in the morning - we all do it - it will protect your skin in the summer time.

This honestly has the coverage of a light to medium coverage foundation without feeling heavy on your skin, it just doesnt even feel like you have anything on. There are light diffusing pigments which are put in to illuminate your skin which it does do to give a healthy finish but you dont end up looking like a hot shiney mess by the end of the day which is a problem I have found with other foundation type products that contain similar pigments. So when it is topped off with powder if is perfect for oily skin because you stay shine free for the whole day without looking matte, there is so more glowy bits to your face.

This is the perfect for those who are just getting in to makeup because its not going to clog your skin like a foundation is likely to. You can put a small amount on and blend it out, or apply as much as you need/want without it looking too much.

I have the product in the shade fawn and for something that I got in Glossybox and didnt get to pick the shade it is a pretty good match, I do have to make sure I really blend it into my neck and its all good.

The only thing that I dont like about this product is the packaging, I would have rather this been in a bottle with a pump because I find that with the squeeze bottle that it is in always means that I get too much product out so I am getting through this faster than I should.

You can get this from Superdrug stores which stock Beauty UK for £4.99.

Hope you enjoyed

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