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Saturday, 24 May 2014

MEMEME Beat the Blues Highlighter: Worth the Hype?

Around the whole beauty community there has been a lot of positive things said about this and it has been said to be a dupe for Benefits High Beam. I have really wanted to get my hands on this but my local Superdrug doesn't stock MEMEME so it has been hard for me to get my hands on this, but I was lucky enough to find this sitting in my April Glossybox.
Like a lot of liquid highlight products this come in a nail polish style bottle which unlike other products that I have tried this has a really good brush which has a lot of movement, is really soft and doesnt have an hairs sticking out all over the place. The bottle looks really pretty from the front with a swirly fount and pattern so it looks cute in your make up stash.

The product itself is a pink shimmery highlight that you can use anywhere that you want on your face that you feel needs a bit of glow. Being a liquid product means that you dont want to put this on your face after powdering it works best going over cream/liquid foundation because then it doesnt end up rubbing your powder off, cos let me just tell you they is not a good look. It has a very glowy finish with shimmer, but not glitter face, and it just makes you look very fresh and healthy.
However, being one of those people that has oily skin this will be more of something to save for the winter when I dont have the worry of using cream highlighters and ending up looking like an oily mess. Because I put powder over the top to make sure the oil is controlled it covers up some of the amazing finish that this has.

I do think that this is worth the hype if you have the right skin type for it (normal-dry) and can get away with not putting powder over the top. A little goes a long way with this and I recommend just putting a little on to start with a building the 'color' up, and trust me this bottle will last you a long time, I cant see myself ever getting through this.

You can find this in most superdrug stores for £5.50 for 12ml, a bargain in comparison to the Benefit HighBeam retailing for £19.50

Hope you enjoyed

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