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Monday, 26 May 2014

Embrace Your Natural Curls

I have started to notice that when I dont brush my hair after washing it I get a few pretty curls at the ends and for a while now I have wanted to embrace these more and I have recently stumbled upon the method I am going to share with you today and I love it.
Dont mind the messy room, Im working on it
I find this is best to do the night before so that you can let our hair dry naturally while you sleep, however if you are doing this in the morning you can use a hair dryer to dry your hair.

All you will need is a hair band or two, a salt spray - I have been trying out the Bamboo Style Boho Waves Texture Mist - and wet/damp hair.
The first thing you will want to do is part you hair where you want it to fall and resit the urge to brush your hair, unless you have a massive knot or have the type of hair which really does need a brush through to make sure it doesn't have extreme knots but even then try to keep the brushing to a minimum and try to use your fingers so that you don't flatten the natural curls too much.
Taking your salt spray spritz it in to your hair and scrunch it to really work the product in.
The Bamboo Style Boho Waves Texture Mist that I have been using contains lots of natural and sustainable ingredients like organic bamboo and blue yucca root. As well as giving beachy waves, it gives a touch of volume and a shine to your hair.
But if you dont have this spray dont worry you can use whatever salt spray you want.
The next step is to make the buns that which give the curls most of their shape and make them look super natural. You can do just one bun if you want, I like to do 2 but again you can do as many as you want - the more you do the more curls you will have.
To make the buns separate my hair in to two sections, and taking the fist section I twist it until it starts to fold in on itself, at that point you want to fold it to form a lose bun like I have pictured bellow, and then just secure with a hair band. Before moving on to the second section
I have used the metal free hair bands because they are less likely to break your hair so I like to think they are a better option.

It will take a while for your hair to dry so I tend to sleep with the buns in and when I wake up they are dry, however like I said before if you are in a rush you can take a air dryer to the buns.
When you take the buns out you will be left with the your natural curls but better.
If you find that after you take out the buns you would like to enhance some of the curls further just spray some more of the Texture Mist into the hair and reshape the curls around your fingers.
Then all that is left is accessorize your hair as desired.
Hope you enjoyed

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