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Sunday, 16 February 2014

ELF Cream Eyeliner - Black

This is one of the products from ELF that I don't think I have seen anyone talk about, everyone seems to have their top products from the Studio line but no one has ever mentioned this (from what I have seen). 
And with good reason this hasn't been talked about.
Its awful.
Its not awful from the moment you get it, it starts of pretty good but then after a couple of months it is not even usable.
Can buy from here
It has the same packaging that a lot of the Studio cream products from ELF have, the square acrylic jar with a matte black lid, and it because this is a small product it works really well because it isn't bulky and can be stored easily. It also comes with a small angled brush, that I use to fill in my eye brows, it is really soft, firm and good quality.
 But I didn't pay £3.75 for a little brush, I paid for the eyeliner.
An eyeliner that ended up letting me down.
When I first used it, the product was super creamy and amazingly black which made application really easy and it didn't take long to get a good wing, which was easy to clean up but didn't wear off or smudge throughout the day.
Although after about 3 or 4 months it started to dry up and stopped going on super black, and became messy and flaky during application. I have tried all the warming tricks to get it creamy again but nothing has worked on this, so in  a bid not to waste the product I have found that it can be used to set pencil liner in the water line.

So unless you can get through a whole pot of cream eyeliner in under 4 months I wouldn't suggest spending your money on this, there are better ones on the market that are around the same price. 

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