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Thursday, 23 January 2014

January 2014 Glossybox: Back to Basics

So Glossybox has arrived once again and as well as bringing its new look to our doors it also brought a less then desirable mix of products.
Lets first take a minute to talk about the new look that Glossybox has, it is finally a glossy box, and it does seem a lot more put together, everything fits the colors of Glossybox by either being dark grey or pink and the ribbon on the box is a really nice quality ribbon with Glossybox printed along it, the down side is I kept the ribbons to wear in my hair but if I wear the new ones I might look like a strange advertising campaign.

So this month I must say is the most disappointing box to date (that I have got), even with 2 full size prodcuts it is still worse than the May box where I got 5 tiny samples.
The theme of the box was 'Back To Basics' and this reminded me of the basic range in the super market - cheap.

Moisturising skin cream

Full Size - 33g = £13.50
Sample Size - 3g = £1.35 (each)
So this is two tiny tubes, that even state they are not for sale, so they are the sort of things that you can go into a department store and get for a free sample, I mean I feel like this product is a joke.
Im going to be honest I dont think I am going to use it because it has a high glycerine content, which I heard that it is common for people to be allergic to it so I cant understand why you would put this in the box. It says that it is perfect for any areas of your face, body and even your lips that are really dry. Buy reading my beauty profile on the website you can see I far from suffer from really dry skin, so sorry little tubes you are going to have to wait till I get a really bad cold.

Balance Me
Super Toning Body Wash

Full Size - 250ml = £10.25
Sample Size - 50ml = £2.25
Glamour readers will know that tis is often included as a free gift, and it has never appealed to me when it was free in a £2 magazine so not overly impressed to see it in hear. The consistancy reminds me of honey, it smells like mouthwash and it is is a weird yellow color. I know Im really selling this. It would be a good travel size but when I go away I like to take something that I actually like the smell of, so I dont know when this is going to get used up.

Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches

Full Size - 3 Pack = £6
Sample Size - 2 Pack = £4
I dont really think that I get under eye puffiness, but I am turning 18 soon and that might lead to some wild nights and these will be welcome in the morning. Im excited to give these a go so I can review them. And I think we all have those days where we want a bit of pampering.

Beauty UK
CC Cream
Shade 20 - Fawn

Full Size - 25ml = £4.99
Sample Size - 25ml = £4.99
This was my highlight of the box, I havent have the best of luck with BB creams and Im hoping that a CC cream works better for me. There is always the worry with these things that the shade isnt going to match because they are picking it without seeing your face, but this is a good match if a little light. Cant wait to try this and let you know what I think.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company
Floral Slanted Tweezers

Full Size - One Set = £8
Sample Size - One Set = £8
Its good to see tools in the box that will last longer than some makeup, and these do feel really good quality and look super cute, but I dont use tweezers and I already have 3 pairs of tweezers, now 4.

Im hopping we have a better box next month and Glossybox really need to pick up their game.

Hope you enjoyed
and if you got one let me know what you think about Glossybox this month

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