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Sunday, 14 December 2014

December 2014 Glossybox

Glossybox is here, Glossybox is here.
And as always it has a super cute Christmas design.
I always look forward to my Glossybox but December always brings more excitement, but sadly this year the box just didnt do it for me. Partly because I got the wrong product card which had to products that where a lot better than two of the ones that I actually got in it.

Bellapierre Check and Lip Stain - Coral
Although these seems more like a summer color it is a really pretty product and gives a really nice natural blush which will look good on everyone.
Full Size = 5g - £12.99

TRESemme Renewal Hair and Scalp 60 Second Treatment Shots
Currently my hair isnt in too much need of these, however in a few months when winter has dried it out a little these might come in handy. Unlike other treatment shots I have got these can be used all over your hair rather than just the ends so these seem more inviting.
Full Size = Pack of 4 - £5.50

Anatomicals Day and Night Spot Stick
This for me is a (type of) product I have always wanted to try buy never wanted to buy. It has to serums to help fight your spots, one to use in the day and one for night time so I would recomend leaving this by your bed so you can apply it before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up.
I am going to wait till have a pretty big spot and then will try this out on it to see how long it takes to clear it up and get back to you with a review.
Full Size = 7ml - £3.79

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish - Do You Speak Love?
I hope colour and go means that this is fast drying. I dont often reach for red polish but when I do it tends to be a darker red like this one so hopefully I will get some use out of it.

Skin Pep Ultra Hydrating Anti Wrinkle Gel Mask
I dont really have a use for an anti wrinkle product like this and I dont know how I feel about a sheet mask but I might give it a go if I fancy some deep moisture treatment or something.

Hope you enjoyed

Monday, 24 November 2014

November 2014 Glossybox

One of my favourite boxes of the year is this months, and the reason for that is a simple one - they actually followed my beauty profile for every product not just one or two like previous boxes.

Lollipops Makeup

Eye Pencil - Goodbye Moon
A retractable long lasting, high color eye liner with vitamin E and Anti-Ageing action.
I will be honest I had no hope in this being any good, for some reason I just assumed that it would be bad but when I swatched it for the first time I was pleasantly surprised. It is a super creamy, smude proof liner in the cutest packaging I have ever seen.
Full Size - €14 (£11.08)
Sample Size = Full Size - £11.08

Burt's Bees

Lip Shine - Wink
100% natural with moisturising Apricot wax make up this sheer color glide on gloss.
I'm not really one for squeeze tube glosses but I do like this so far.The color is an amazing sheer pink which I think will be great with a nude lip stick, and its not at all sticky dispite being really thick. Thanks to the Apricot wax it not only smells but tastes great.
Full Size = 14g - £6.99
Sample Size = 14g - £6.99


Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment
An oil free moisture gel to provide deep hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Finally a moisturiser for oily skin, I find in the summer, when my sin is at its oiliest, I can get one or dry patches and now I can try something that should really work for me. I'm going to save this for summer as much as I would like to try it now.
Full Size = 50ml - £27.50
Sample Size = 8ml - £4.40

MONU Skincare

Capri Facial Treatment Oil
Cleanser, toner and restorer with grape seed, Camphor and citrus oils to treat oily and spot prone skin.
Not to sure what this is because my card has a different product on it, but I assume that it is just like a toner that you can use in the morning and at night, or as an intensive treatment in the place of a night cream - I guess you would just use more than the recommended 2 'pumps'.
Full Size = 100ml - £26
Sample Size = 30ml - £7.80

Natural World

Coconut Water Hydration & Shine Weightless Hair Oil.
An oil to provide shine and hydration to the hair, enriched with certified organic coconut oil its designed to not leave oily residue.
Everyone raves about hair oils and ones I have tried in the past haven't worked for me but I think that was because I didn't really know how to use them. This however has really good instructions so I feel confident about trying it, not to mention it smells really good - which I hope will make my hair smell like coconut as well.
Full Size = 100ml - £9.99
Sample Size = 25ml - £2.49

So yeah, an all around good box worth £32.76

Hope you enjoyed

Monday, 17 November 2014

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

Out of all the mascaras I have tried I think this is the one I have had the biggest change of feeling towards.
When I first started using it I felt it did nothing for my lashes becasue it had a really weird formulation that was wet but it almost wanted to be dry. So once I had given it some time to dry out I found I really did love it.
The effect it gave my lashes wasn't the normal, slightly clumpy, dramatic look I go for. Rather it was a really pretty naturally amazing lash look. Because I used it when I was a bit dryer it allowed my lashes to stay soft and moveable.
The brush for this is on point. Its big so it really gets your lashes but because its a classic mascara brush design its not as 'scary' and is really comfortable to use.
I for sure would buy a full size of this if I could bring my self to £17.50 on it.
Hope you liked my quick little review

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Carmex: Worth the Hype?

I have spent years hearing people rave about Carmex.
People claimed it was the best thing for dry lips and that it was a make up bag essential that they used religiously. When I got my hands on some after it being on my wish list - its super cheap I don't know why I never brought it - I was over the moon.
After my first few applications of this stuff I came crashing back to earth. I will admit that it was re-hydrating for my lips but no more so than other balms I have used.
There is a menthol quality to this that I'm not overly keen on. It makes it smell really medical, however they do have a cherry Carmex so you can avoid this, but more than the medical smell it makes your lips tingle and feel funny.
For me I think this will be a bed side table, when I have a cold lip balm. Not something I want to put on to feel pretty but something good to have when you just want to use something more medical feeling.
I have a bit of a love hate with the packaging.
Part of me loves how official and medical which really goes with the feel and scent of the balm, but there's another part of me which hates it because the lid doesn't seem to fit right and although I know its on fully, I always worry that its still open.

As with a lot of lip balm it is personal preference, and something I love and really works for my lips might not for you. With that in mind I will say I don't think this is worth half the hype it gets, for the same price you can get a any one of a number of different balms that will pack a bigger punch in terms of packaging, comfort and smell.

Hope you enjoyed, let me know your top lip balm(s)


Monday, 10 November 2014

Miss Sporty Instant Lip Color and Shine Pencils

Miss Sporty seems to be the latest brand to jump onto the lip crayon band wagon but rather than going down the chubby stick route they opted for a skinny crayon.
Left to Right: Bubble Pop, Candy Plum, Plum Twist
The candy like packaging and colors sucked me in and I have ended up with 3 out of the 6 colors, there is also a nude, baby pink and red in the collection.
Left to Right: Bubble Pop, Candy Plum, Plum Twist
This skinny little crayons honestly fulfil all of the claims it makes on the packaging. As the name would suggest these are super shiny and have fairly good pigmentation which lasts a good few hours - I like to wear these for work because they last me through a shift with eating and drinking.
Left to Right: Bubble Pop, Candy Plum, Plum Twist
You'r not going to get a huge amount of product in these, its a fairly short stick of product but because its pretty pigmented you don't use a lot having to keep going over the color. Being skinny means you can really line your lips before filling them in, or if you wanted to try something different could use a few different shades for a color gradient.
Left to Right: Bubble Pop, Candy Plum, Plum Twist
I hope you enjoyed this review and are interested in trying them out, they have a shade for every season and they are very reasonable at £2.99 each - often with offers like 3 for £5 for 3 for 2 on.


Thursday, 6 November 2014

MUA Winter Forest Matte Palette Tutorial

I wanted to show you this look I created using MUA's latest Matte palette which contains 10 on trend eye shadows for the autumn and winter.
I create this wearable day time look which has a neutral lid and a pop of blue along the lower lash line, but with the gray's you could create a blue and gray smoky eye for a night out.
Start by applying your foundation, powder and eye primer as normal to create a canvas for the rest of the make up. I used my Miss Sporty So Matte Foundation (Light), MUA Pressed Powder (Shade 2) and Absolute New York Eye Shadow Primer.
Take Chino all over the lid and take Truffle through the crease to really define it. I found that chino was the best lid shade out of all the palette because the other two obvious choices for lid shades (Camel and Sand) have very weak pigmentation.
Left to Right; Chino, Truffle
Before taking a fluffy blending brush and blending out the crease - be careful with your blending because these shadows do blend out to nothing because they are a little chalky so have the lightest hand when doing this and blend little by little to make sure there is still color their.
Prime your lower lash line and create a gradient blue line starting with Azure on the inner corner, Aqua on the middle third and Midnight on the outer corner. These three blue shades blend together amazingly and they are super pigmented. In person there is more of a noticeable gradient effect than in the photos.
Left to Right; Azure, Aqua, Midnight
With a black liner of your choosing line your upper liners, I did a double wing with the 17 High Drama Intensive Liquid Eyeliner because I found it worked better with this look, and I did my first wing wrong so I did a double line. And them do 2 or 3 coats of mascara - I used the Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara (reviewed here) although I would recommend something that gives you lots of volume and maybe even some false lashes.
For the checks I did some light contouring and highlighting with the Soap and Glory Solar Powder and for a natural flush effect used the ELF Studio Cream Blusher (Seductress) which you can always layer a pink or red blusher over the top of.
I opted for a nude lip of Natural Collection Lipstick (Apple Blossom (Reviewed Here)) and Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker (Candy Gloss (Reviewed Here)). but you can do whatever you want.
Hope you enjoyed this look I created and give it a go yourself, although I might recomend not pinning all your hopes on this palette I would take the blues from it and get your lid shades from any other neutral palette.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

October 2014 Glossybox - Pop Art

This month we have another special addition Glossybox and I love it. The design is pop art (inspired) and is so pretty - it will be a really nice box to have for storage.
And the products inside aren't half bad either.

24HR Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask
This is a super hydrating mask for the driest of skin, full of soothing ingredients including 8 plant milks and aloe vera leaves your skin hydrated and radiant for 24 hours.
I do find dry patches around my nose and eyebrows in the winter so I'm really looking forward to using this for a bit of a weekend pamper.
Full Size = 50ml - £19.50
Sample Size = Full Size

Etre Belle
Liplift Peel
As many of you know I am all about the lip balms and this is a lip scrub balm. As well as removing dead skin cells from the lips it also moisturised them to create perfect soft lips.
I have never had a lip scrub before but it is something that I really should have seeing as I am the worse for picking at my lips but having a scrub will mean I have nothing to pick - I hope...
Full Size = 15ml - £10.27 (€12.95)
Sample Size = Full Size

So Susan Cosmetics
Flutter Mascara
This seems to be all singing all dancing, it claims to give you the blackest, curviest lashes possible in just one stroke using hyaluronic spheres. Another mascara that needs a first impression post - when I get around to using it.
Another mascara to add into the ever growing and never shrinking collection of mascaras that Glossybox is creating for me. The packaging is really cute is a little cheap feeling and Im looking forward to trying this, I have a feeling it can live up to its claims.
Full Size = 4ml - £14.95
Sample Size = Full Size

Paint Pot - Talent Scout
Ciate offer a wide range of nail polishes, 88 to be exact, that offer full color coverage in just one coat.
As a complete nail polish junkie I am always happy to find one in my Glossybox and this classic purple from Ciate was a welcome surprise because its not a color I would pick for myself but I love it and all you need is one coat and you are good to go which is a bonus for me.
Full Size = 13.5ml - £9
Sample Size = Full Size

Yves Rocher
Quelques Notes d'Amour
Yves Rocher describe the scent as 'encapsulates the feeling of falling in love' with notes of damascus rose, patchouli and guaiac wood.... no clue what they are.
This is a good size sample is a very cute bottle, it smells similar to other Yves Rocher perfumes I have smelt and used but I love the smell so its all good. Cant say for sure that it smells like falling in love because for me that has yet to happen.
Full Size = 30ml - £33
Sample Size = 5ml - £5.50

Rimmel London
BB Cream Matte - Light
A 9 in 1 skin perfecter which creates a flowless matte finish using witch hazel, salicylic acid and kaolin.

Fairly sure I have tried this before and hated it. It left my skin feeling hot, gross and oily after a days wear and my skin looked as bad as it felt. But Im willing to give it another go and might find that I love (or at least like) it in the winter as rather than the summer.
Full Size = 30ml - £6.99
Sample Size = 8ml - £1.86

I really liked the box this month and am excited to try these out.
Lots of Love