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Friday, 29 November 2013

Rimmel Scanaleyes Mascara

I have never had the best of luck with Rimmel mascaras in the past, I have always found that they have massive claims that they are going to do wonders for your lashes and they have never lived up to this.
So when I saw this advertised I was like 'here we go again, another mascara claiming to give me amazing volume without the clumps', so lets be honest I had no desire to try this.
One day in Superdrug I saw that they where having an offer of spending over £10 and getting this free, so I picked up a couple of things that I wanted to try and it gave me the opportunity to try this without buying it and feeling like a wasted my money if I didn't like it.
The packaging is super in your face bright orange with glitter but if you can get past this the product inside is actually really amazing.
The wand is shaped just like your classic mascara wand but a LOT BIGGER, which does make it hard to get those inner lashes without getting the mascara on you face, but it is really easy to wipe off once it has dried.
I found that it gave me a lot of volume as well as a bit of length so it was a balanced out look.
This stuff lasts a long time - Im talking daily use for a good few months - so if you are someone who finds they run out of mascara really fast you might want to give this a go
It doesn't flake of like some mascaras do and is easy to remove when you want to take it off. 

Hope you liked this quick little review

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

November Glossybox - the Glossy Wishlist

I re-subscribed to GlossyBox at the start of the month after un-subscribing for a couple of months and I am really pleased to see that they have given themselves a bit of a makeover. I couldnt be more happy about the small A5 card explaining everything in my box replacing the A3 fold out which, just saying, lacked information like full size information.
I also love the glossy mag which is glossy and looks like a fun read for some makeup and beauty inspiration.
I am guessing that the theme of this months box is products that we should have on our beauty wishlist, maybe for the upcoming holiday season? Although most of these I can see as wishlist items (in some sense) others are just ones that no one is going to ask for. EVER
VichyIdealia Life Serum
Fully Size = 30ml - £29.50
Sample Size = 3x3ml - £7
This seemed to be a pretty exciting product for this months box, it was shown on the website as kind of 'look what you get' product but tbh I am still struggling to understand it. This first two bottles contain the 'skin idealizer serum', my main problem with this is that I have no clue what it is and how to use it but also I fail to see the point in sending me two 3ml bottles when yo could just send one 6ml bottle. The card says to apply to your face twice a day so Im guessing that it is similar to a lotion? And the second product is the 'smoothing and illuminating cream' which I am excited to use under my foundation in those places I just want more of a glow.
I can see this being a love for any skin care junkie but for me it will be fun to try, Im just not going to run out to buy it.

Emite Make Up
Micronized Eyeshadow
Full Size = 1.48g - £16.80
Sample Size = Full Size
This is a cream shadow which has a lot of shimmer to it. It seems really soft and pigmented and I can tell I am going to get a ton of use from this over the holiday season because it is just the perfect holiday natural shade. My card does say that I have the color 'Dams' which is a matte black and let me tell you I am super pleased about this potential mix up. Also it is nice to see that it is both full sized and high end.
This would be an amazing gift if you have a little more to spend on an eyeshadow, and you never know what santa will bring you so put it on your wishlist just in case.

Yves Rocher France
Hand Cream
Cocoa and Raspberry
Full Size = 75ml - £1.95
Sample Size = Full Size
I am really in to hand creams for the winter and this is a really nice one. It has a chocolate sent with some fruity tones to it, making it perfect for the whole year. It also is not greasy and sinks in to your hands nicely while leaving them smelling lovely.
It is a really good price and an amazing product who wouldnt want this.

Elegant Touch
Rapid Dry for Nails
Full Size = 125ml - £3
Sample Size = Full Size
I hate waiting for my nails to dry so this is just what the doctor ordered. It is spray which drys your nails in 60 seconds.
I mean who doesnt need this in their life, other than people who have all the time and patience in the world to wait for them to dry.

Dry Skin Exfoliator Skin Care
Full Size = 60ml - £4.49
Sample Size = Full Size
I mean what even.
No one would put this on to a wish list
I dont even have dry feet, nor have a I ever told Glossybox that I do, so Im not even sure if I will ever use this. My Mum might take it off me.

So all in all Im am very happy with this box, minus the last product.
Box Price = £12.95
Box Value = £33.24

I hope you enjoyed this box and who else is excited for the Christmas box?