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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

First Impression: MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow - Emotions

Bit naughty on Saturday, I popped into Superdrug to see my friend and we all know that I our friends  can talk us into buying anything makeup wise. My friend was stocking the MUA so as I was just swatching some eyeshadow while having a little chin-wag with her. She saw some eyeshadow on my hand and one thing lead to another and I left with this
MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow (Emotions) 
 MUA have had trios as part of their professional line since they launched that line but for some reason I have never picked one up because I didn't think that they would be very good. I don't know when these came out but they know have these backed ones which still have a new sticker on them, but I don't know how long they have been out for, but anyway I picked up this on in Emotions and used it the other day and wanted to share with you what I felt about it. 
So before I talk about my first impression I wanted to explain what you are getting, the 3 colors all have that classic multi tone, vained look to the shadows. The lightest shade is a vanilla with almost a rose gold and  bronze running through it so when you use it, it is a light gold. The middle shade is a plum with yellow gold and a little deep plum, goes on as a plum with yellow gold shimmer. The third color is a bronze/copper shade with bronze and silver running throughout, this is defo the strongest pigmented color out of the three and comes out as a very strong copper/bronze shade. 
Being a backed these shadows have a lot of shimmer (can you get matte backed shadow?) and lets be honest this did worry me because I find that the MUA single shadows have a lot of fall out and I didn't think I would be able to deal with lots of shimmery fall out from these. But, to my surprise there was practically none, and what did fall was nothing that a makeup wipe wouldn't fix (I put them on before foundation) Although there was minimal face fall out, there was a tone on to the packaging. It was insane, this wasn't helped by the fact that you really have to work to get any product on to your brush. So after one use the pretty black package just looks a mess, I cleaned it up before taking pictures, but in person it sill looks messy. Because it takes effort to get it on to the brush I wouldn't recommend it as a product to use if you don't have a lot of time.
I find that with all shimmer eyeshadows they are easy to blend, and these are no different, they also apply pretty well, by that I mean getting product from the brush to your eyelid is easy. The only color that I was a bit disaponted with when I use it was the plum, I put it in my outter corner and it didnt really show up to well over the copper, although that  might just be because that was such a strong shade. 

So that was my fist impression of the MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow in Emotion,

You can get this for £3 from superdrug or the MUA website

Have you tried these? If so what do you think about them?

I hope you enjoyed
Lots of Love

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