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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bold, Bright and Beautiful Lips

One of the hottest trends for spring and summer is bold lips, for me it has to be a bright pink so I have gathered my collection of bright pinks to show you all.
I am only going to do short reviews but at a later date will be doing full reviews on some of these.

1) Bourjois Lovely Brille lipstick (04 rose croisette)- I think these retail for around £6-£8 but can be found on fragrance direct for £1.99. This is perfect for those a little worred about wearing a bright pink because it is very glossy and is very buildable. I will say this doesnt have the best staying power but the mirror in the lid makes it sutible for on the go application.

2) 17 Supreme shine lipstick (if you please)- this costs £4.99 but advantage card holders can sometimes get this 1/2 price (like I did) this has great staying power and doesnt really need a gloss over it but I did find that it was a little drying.
3) NYC expert last lip color (405 blue rose)- I think this is a stunning color and at £1.99 I had to try it, more on the purple side of life it still has pinkness to it, I can really say much else because I have yet to wear this one, but I will keep you posted.
4) MUA lipstick (shade 3)- at £1 this is an almost prefect match to the next lipstick I have to show (this one didnt show true to color in the photo) . For £1 this is perfect, lasts a long time, is creamy and is an amazing color. I also have introduced it to my Grandma and know she loves it.
5) MAC aplified lipstick (girl about town)- this is my baby, I only use this on special occasions becsuse it is pricey (£14). Thankfuly it does last so long on the lips and you only need a small amount, it is also very creamy so it isnt drying.  My grandma got me this for christmas and now I want more.
I hope you are all reading to rock a pink pout, all you need is a nude lipliner to ready your lips and keep that color in place and your good to go.