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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Collection 2000 color match foundation

 I have wanted to do this review for the longest time and i am beyond happy to be getting rid of my old bottle of this stuff. 
I picked it up back in September, I wanted a cheep one for school. Superdrug had it on offer for £4.99. I picked it up in shade 5 Medium. they sell this in 6 shades the first 4 are suitably different but 5 and 6 are a bit more drastic.  
I sometimes find it hard to try new concealer and foundation because i have a very strong yellow undertone to my skin, but this is perfect.

It contains SPF20 which is good for the summer but not so good if you are planing on having a photo shoot with flash photography because it will make your face seem white- but I'm sure you have all heard about that.

As far as doing what is says on the bottle it does provide good coverage and looks natural, I'm don't know about adapting to your skin tone but I matches mine perfectly so not going to complain.
It also says that it has oxygen complex to let your skin breath, I have never found that it is heavy or cakey.
The bottle is frosted glass with a pink plastic pump and pink see through lid, this is one of the things that made me pick it up because it stands out. All the writing on the bottle is the same pink as the pump and lid a very nice touch.
Although I love the pink lip it is so thin it cracks over time being taken on and off the bottle. The base of the pump also cracked over time on both my bottles. 

Once this bottle cracked I was apple to pull it up. Fortunately it is strong so it inst going to come off,  nothing a bit of glue wont fit.

the very gross broken lid of my first bottle- I taped it up.

Sorry about the mess on the bottle, the pump on this bottle (the first bottle I got) didn't work very well so if you used it the foundation just went every where. 
Although I had a few problems with the first bottle, they didn't put me off. This is going to be my staple school foundation for a long time to come. 
I recomend this to anyone who is on the market for a good drugstore foundation that lasts a long time and is good value for money.

Hope you enjoyed


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  2. I just bought this foundation and I LOOOOVE IT! It gives such great coverage and it's really light unlike the really thick foundations you can buy! It's so easy to apply and such a good price! Although, I'm hoping my bottle doesn't break like yours that'd be slightly annoying! ps, looove your blog! xxxxx

    1. Why thank you miss Withey. xx


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