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Thursday, 18 August 2011

MUA review

For the people that dont know about MUA (makeup academy) it is a UK brand that is sold in superdrug, all of the products cost £1 they also have a new 'professional' line where prices start at £3 (i think)
lip gloss- sticker with number on ran away :/
glitter eyeliner- glitter shade 7
nail polish-  nail polish shade 3

blusher- shade 1

lip gloss- lip gloss shade 5
glitter eyeliner- glitter shade 10
nail polish- nail polish shade 1
I picked up 2 of the gift sets at Christmas, because my local superdrug did not carry MUA at the time, the giftsets cost £1.99 and came with a lipgloss, glitter eye liner and a nail polish. A few months later I got the blusher.
LEFT- nail polish shade 3
RIGHT- nail polish shade 1
Shade 3 is a a sort of lilac, deep pink (idk really) with a creamy finish. shows up true to color in the photo.
Shade 1 is a deep navy with bright blue glitter
When I was putting the polish on to my finger I found that it was streaky, patchy and not a good color pay off, it let it dry a bit and found that the second coat when on really smooth and gave the color that is in the tube. they do chip, but have an lovely shine to them so I forgive the chipping.
when using these polishes remember they cost £1 don't expect amazing results.
i would give them 7/10
LEFT- lip gloss shade .......
Right- lip gloss shade 5
the lip gloss's are not sticky and look great with any look for any occasion. They do wear off faster than other gloss's i have used but for £1 they can afford to.
The pink has a nice smell of custard and is a perfect your lips but better color.
Every girl needs a clear lip gloss and for £1 this is the one to get, with a glossy finish it is a makeup bag basic.
I would give them 9/10
LEFT- Glitter liner shade 10
RIGHT- glitter liner shade 7
The glitter liners are pigmented and have an AMAZING applicator, it is the shape of a felt tip applicator but made of flexible, plastic with groves to pick up extra product. I will say that as the day goes on they flake off, but this is nothing a few touch ups cant fix.
The black goes on very black with a few silver glitters, in a very solid line.
The purple goes on less solid but looks lovely over black liquid liner.
I would give them 8/10
blush shade 1
the blush is a soft baby pink that gives a natural finish to the cheeks, it lasts well and for £1 it is a steal.
A bit on the powdery side and has a very powdery sent.
i Would give this 7/10
over all I think they are very good peaces of makeup.

Hope this helped anyone wanting to try MUA

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